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I'm Jennifer Sapienza, Zumba® Instructor, coming up on ten years' experience supporting new and returning students in their journey toward personal growth and fitness on the dance floor. I'm passionate about the gifts of Zumba®, as its rhythm and movement enrich and encourage us to bring our best participation, individually and together.

Zumba® has truly been a gift of life for me. In 2013, I discovered Zumba® at a local athletic club, and simply couldn't get enough of it. That was only two short years after almost dying in childbirth from a heart valve problem I didn't even know I had! Open-heart surgery in 2011 gave me a titanium valve, then after a few months, I was cleared to explore and expand exercise again with no limits.

These days, my heart is healthy, full-to-overflowing with a great joy, passion and enthusiasm for Zumba®, shared with every class, every day, since I became an instructor in 2014. I welcome participants of all levels and all capabilities. I help motivate you to enjoy yourself and your friends in the class.

We work hard, but we keep coming back again and again with a smile on our faces (and maybe a slight ache in our muscles... reminding us that we're learning and growing, and sharing our commitment to fitness in a most enjoyable way!)

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